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Making Offers!

You’ll notice when browsing the stock that selected items are open to offers.
Just watch out for the offer logo to take advantage of this system, or go to our Offers link.

We will consider offers on any item that displays our make an offer logo.
Just click the button and let us know what you’d like to pay.

There are a few things you might want to consider when making offers.

1. The items that display this logo are selected on a variety of factors, including length of time in stock, the quantity we have, the grade, and how close the tax bill is!

2. There is no fixed amount that we’ll accept. It will vary for every item.

3. If we accept any offers that you’ve made each comic will still contribute towards your bulk discount for any other items you may have selected.
The system will always give you the best available price for your order as a complete unit.